Grumpy, old white guy wearing tie hates just about everything

Mormon leader Dallin H. Oaks: God’s plan requires us to oppose abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage

Salt Lake Tribune Oct 6, 2018

This weekend the Mormon’s held their semi-annual shareholders meeting to reiterate their archaic mission statement so its followers can’t keep up while the rest of the world spins out of their reach.

Well, most of the world.

And to no one’s surprise they took the opportunity to affirm the stereotype of just how big the white shiny bubble they live in is.

In reality this is just posturing from a fossil of a cult leader emboldened by Saturday’s narrow vote to affirm Kavanaugh and religious intolerance to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.

But Mormon’s aren’t the only one’s celebrating Kavanaugh’s confirmation, so are serial rapists.

So white Mormon’s have “God’s plan” and commonsense has its own plan rooted in reality. Religious intolerance vs. intolerance of religion.

War, rape, racism, sexism, how horribly we treat animals and the environment… these are all by products of religion – and are not just limited to a cult like Mormonism. Defenders of religion will obviously attempt to pick this argument apart as they have lamely attempted in the past and lamely attempt to twist my words around to mean that rape, etc., is only perpetuated by religions or the religious. It’s sometimes not. But the premise is always there.

Yet old Dallin believes that stigmatizing homosexuality “is essential to God’s plan of happiness.”

I believe that letting people be whatever the fuck they want to be is essential to anyone’s happiness – without the interference of a made up deity and espoused by grumpy, old white men in ties.

If it isn’t apparent yet, the paper wall separating church and state is full of holes and the business-like opportunists are doing their best to exploit it. But businesses are subject to taxation and while the Republican prophet living in the White House is only emboldening this mentality, the topic of religions, cults, churches, mosques… what-have-you meddling in politics should be met with consequences.

I think we should all be leery of men in ties, particularly those dressed as salesmen pimping a fictitious belief. If you want to read fantasy, I can recommend a few good books that won’t ask for 10% of your income in tithing afterwards.